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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  March 20, 2013 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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how one drugstore chain is making demands of workers -- ev on the not for them to judge people's lives. >> live a healthy lifestyle or pay a penalty. how one drug store chain is making demands of workers. >> a new battle brewing over coffee vendors. ♪ [ singing ] ♪ >> and singing a new tune, how a musician is defending herself after make some gay slurs on stage.
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g an unusual step with its health care policy. the nation's largest pharmacy chain is taking an unusual step with its healthcare policy. cvs is ordering workers to disclose their weight and other health information or face fines. s. can they really do that? >> reporter: absolutely not, according to our experts who say cvs is in for a big legal battle if they try to move forward with this in california. the company is trying to stay ahead of the healthcare crisis by holding its 200,000 employees more accountable. cvs has been trying to encourage its employees to get healthy for years. now it's time for tough love with no apologies. the company announced today what it calls a plan for health, a mix of incentives and penalties. specifically employees must report their weight, body fat, cholesterol, blood sugar levels.
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if they refuse, workers must pay a $600 surcharge every year. those who smoke and qualify for re-- smoke qualify for rewards if they enter a quitting plan. >> the changes are about us, each of us taking personal accountability for our own health. >> what's your message? >> you better get some pretty good legal council and decide whether your policy is really legal. because the policy as announced is not legal. >> reporter: employment lawyers say the company is trying to control what employees do on their own time. >> if we granted that right to employers, employers could tell employees who to date, what food to eat, what to drink, all kinds of behavior could be controlled, and that's absolutely not the law in california. >> reporter: we tried talking with several employees, some of whom were on a smoke break. >> no comment. >> reporter: knheers
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customers said cvs was overreaching. >> do you think that's acceptable? no, i don't want. it's not their duty to judge people's lives. >> does this make you want to shop somewhere else? >> i'm thinking about it. >> reporter: the surcharge goes into effect next year. and they'll have a reward system that if employees can prove they lost weight or lowered their cholesterol, they can actually earn an extra $500 every year. >> what would happen to all that personal information after they give it to cvs? >> reporter: well, they actually log onto web md, and that 3rd party company manages the information. they claim and promise that it is 100% private and safe. filling up your shopping cart could get you a discount the next time you fill up your tank. chevron is offering safeway club card customers up
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to $0.20 off per gallon. it is creating gridlock in bay area stations. but it may not always pay off. >> they frequently will spend more than they planned on spending in order to get something for free or get a discount on something. if you do the math, a lot of times it doesn't wash. >> to find out whether the offer is a good deal for you, track your monthly grocery and gas spending. you could find you'd save more buying cheaper groceries and pricier gas. shopping in santa cruz county is going to cost you more money starting today. it will cost you 1 quarter for a paper bag, that is up from $0.10. this will only affect residents of unincorporated areas of santa cruz county where plastic bags are banned. food trucks have been a welcomed sight on some city street, but tonight there's a
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battle brewing over a coffee vendor and his parking space in the financial district. how it boiled over at tonight's board of appeals meeting. >> reporter: ah, that cup of joe normally brings communities together! but in the financial district, plans to park this coffee truck here under the shadow of buildings around 150 california leaves a bitter taste. >> the fire department, the fire marshal, the health department all have different addresses. >> businesses that are 500 feet away from the food truck get noticed. businesses that are 100 feet away don't get noted. >> reporter: jerry goldstein begged the court of appeals to uphold the pirment issued to -- permit issued to him. >> our truck is going to bring attention to other accidents as well, and they're going -- other businesses, and they're going to prosper as well. if they don't
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agree with that, they see it as an easy way out to have a truck, but it is really a very difficult business. >> reporter: with so many food trucks rolling onto the scene, there's more competition for customers and this perfect parking space. karen smith says keep them near construction yards not in front of commercial buildings with restaurant space that she manages. >> the food truck ordinance was to do underserved areas of san francisco. and the financial district is not underserved. >> reporter: in a couple of week, he'll be ready to start brewing and hopes the community around him will warm up to a truck. >> his permit allows him to park at another location on 2nd street in front of a liquor store. the public works department would not allow him to operate there if he was a threat to nearby businesses. part of the reason for the increase in the number of food trucks is because it's big business of the owners can cash
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in anywhere from sen hundred dollars to over -- $700 to over $2,000 in a 4-hour window. homeowners say they are paying the price for budget cuts that closed fire stations. a big fire destroyed two homes and challenged a 3 on taylor road on bethel island this morning. >> reporter: the fire started in a one-story home at about 2:30 am and quickly spread to the houses on either side. >> flames were shooting all over the house. >> reporter: almost as quickly, firefighters ran into problems. >> it took about 90 nonts get the electricity -- 90 minutes to get the electricity shut off. >> they're walking around, they huddle, they stared at the fire, they did nothing. >> reporter: power lines weren't the only problem. they recently closed three stations because of budget shortfalls. one of the stations was barely a mile from this property. >> the engine came from about
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five mimes instead of one have have 5 miles instead of 1 mile. >> reporter: departments that are stretched thin now depend heavily on mutual aid. if a nearby station is already on a call, backup is scarce. >> the whole district is at risk. >> reporter: voters have now defeated two tax measures that would have kept more stations open. taxpayer groups who oppose the ballot measures say the issue is cost, not service. >> the elections weren't about the need for services. people recognize that. there was a pension tax, that's what it was. find another way to deliver services. >> it took firefighters about six hours to put out the fire. two of the home airs total los -- homes are a total loss. the cause of the fire still under investigation. a 3-hour standoff in vallejo ends with a man dead. nearbies in the 1,800-block of
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sutter street called police about a man with a rifle. he fired. police fired teargas and entered the house. they found the man dead inside. a small arsenal in the hands of peninsula police tonight. the weapons were recovered from a storage unit in redwood city. palo alto police initiated the search. 12 assault rifles, 10 handguns, and over 5,000 rounds of ammunition. two men have been arrested. and a muni bus versus a fire hydrant led to this earlier. no one was hurt. a singer is trying to explain herself tonight after people say she made strong antigay remarks during a san francisco show. her tirade got the rest of her tour canceled.
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the singer is now trying to make amends. >> i believe that the word of god is just what it says it is. >> reporter: the voice you hear is of michelle shocked on stage at yoshi, san francisco, are sunday night. she uses a slur against gay people. >> she just said on stage "god fates versus." >> reporter: today she says i am damn sorry. she says she was misinterpreted by the audience. she said it was a description of how some folks feel about gay marriage, not her. >> it's mine too, we are at nearly the edge of time from our vantage point. once prop 8 gets
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instated and once preachers are held at gun point and forced to marry the homosexuals, i'm pretty sure that that will be the signal for jetsus to come on back -- jesus to come on back. >> at first i i was just thinking, i can't believe this, this can't be real. is she really saying what she's saying? and then when it became clear that she really was saying that, well, we got to go. we can't stay here and listen to this. we got to go. >> reporter: linda campbell was among the many who heard the rant and walked out. >> what do you say to her when she says you were just misunderstanding her? >> you're wrong. it's on tape. so people will hear. and they'll know what she said. i heard her say these are my beliefs as well. so that's a lie. >> and the audio appeared to the internet this afternoon. it's not clear where it came from. but i talked to three different people who told me, yes, it's authentic. michelle had about a dozen dates left on
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her schedule. because of the uproar and because fans raised some heck, all of those shows have been canceled. >> it never ceases to amaze me how people will come back and say i never said that. and we play the tape for them, and they're saying the words. >> and it came three days after the concert. no video had emerged. but moments after she made the statement, out came the audio! >> everything is recorded these days. >> absolutely. taking the pulse of a crime-ridden community. why one east bay city is hoping a discarded police strategy will work the second time around. >> caught in the act of animal cruelty, what one california beach community has been forced to do to protect seals and their pups. >> despite the rainfall overnight and early this morning, 12% of normal rainfall
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for the year for san francisco. we'll talk about our next chance. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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their suggestions for crackg down on crime. and kpix 5's christin ayers shows us: th got an oakland's mayor and police chief met tonight to get their recommendations for cracking down on crime. and they got an earful. >> reporter: hundreds of oakland residents gathered in classrooms. >> what would you like to us do differently? >> reporter: answered questions that she and a team of consultants will launch a comprehensive plan. >> the purpose of this is to solicit information from the community to tell us what has taken place in your neighborhoods. >> reporter: drug dealing, prostitution, burglary, and amongst neighbors, deep-seated doubt. >> we're not going to be able to reduce crime in the city unless we heal the relationship between the police department and the community. >> reporter: the community is skeptical of police and their plans to dissect oakland into five parts patrolled by officers who know the areas well.
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the department tried and abandoned the strategy a few years ago. >> it is something that we tried before, but i think in this case because we're getting -- making a concerted effort to get community involvement, i think it will help. >> it's definitely dij@ vu. >> reporter: they want to believe this time will be different. oakland still has the fewest number of officers in the country for the rate of violent crime. and neighborhood walks like this one are not working. >> the real criminals are not standing there talking to us. they're going in the shadows, in the alleys to hide frus. >> reporter: people -- from us. >> reporter: people who live in oakland laid down their demands, but they are worried this is all lip service. >> i'm hopeful that it'll change. but it's a 50-50 thing. >> reporter: police insist there will be change. the #k89ants overseeing -- the
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consultants overseeing the community meetings have collected the feedback and will design a crime fighting strategy specifically tailored to oakland, and they'll invite the community to weigh in. oakland police will begin work this week to expand their most-want the list. it's the 2nd phase in the city's ongoing cease-fire program. a disturbing case of animal cruelty caught on video. surveillance cameras on a san diego beach captured people harassing and harming mother seals and their pups. >> reporter: video shows two young women at the la jolla beach known as children's pool. the camera captured the women smacking, kicking, and bouncing on top of mother seals and their pups as they rested. >> that's crazy. these are people who obviously are sick individuals. this is wrong, these seals are not doing any damage. >> reporter: a group set up the 24 hour security cameras with night vision in january.
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the views shocked san diego mayor bf. it prompted -- bob filner. it prompted him to close the beach from sunset to sunrise. >> the only way we can get a clear cut shot of this is to close the beach from pupping season and say you can't go on the beach at night, and if you're there, you'll be cited. >> reporter: this beach was designed in the 1930s as a safe place for children to swim. over the past 20 years, it's become a safe haven for seals and their pups. that's created an ongoing legal standoff between animal rights activists who want to protect the seals and advocates who want to preserve public beach access. >> it should be closed. sad that it has to happen that way. >> weigh can disagree -- we can disagree on policy issues and where the line is between protecting the seals and the beaches. but there is no line for abuse of animals. >> reporter: the beach will remain closed at night until may 15th.
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>> so far no arrests have been made for that incident. a little bit of rain. we had a little sunshine. and we had some fog! it was kind mist and he drizzly. now it's just dark. [ laughter ] >> it was everything you expect in winter. on the first day of spring! there you g >> we got the kitchen sink thrown at us today. and we ended with fog and drizzle away. we didn't get much rain from this. san francisco about one 6th of an inch of rainfall. skies will clear out tonight. upper 30s for santa rosa and concord. and redwood city starts thursday at 45 degrees. rain is clear. the drizzle is gone. it will be gone for a while. microclimate forecast
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for tomorrow, 67 degrees in walnut creek. here comes high pressure. the storm, that exited. we had the rain and some fog and drizzle. a little bit of everything. now all of that is pushing way down to the south. still a bit of snow. 6 thousand feet in 6,000 feet in the sierra. done, done with the rain for a while! because high pressure is building back in. sinking air putting a lid on the atmosphere and keeping us dry for the next several days. but the location of the high is off to our west. and that's key to our weather not getting too warm w. that northwest flow continuing, chilly nights but not the 75 or 80 last week. this time, right around 70. morning fog tomorrow for the north bay. then sunshine comes back. dry all the way through next tuesday with weekend high temperatures close to 73. tomorrow will be a
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chilly day. livermore 65. sunshine for pleasant hill . low 60s for novato, kentfield, and around 59 for saucelito. through the weekend, dry through tuesday, showers coming back by next wednesday. ,,,,,,,,,,
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fame. the ceremony honors people who exemplify califo big names in downtown sacramento tonight to be inducted into the california hall of fame. it honors people who exemplify california's spirit of innovation.
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tonight's inductees included the united farmer workers, warren beatty, and joe montana. they left their crop bows at home. tonight it was the san francisco premiere of game of thrones. the stars walked the red carpet. but a few characters from the seven kingdoms did show up. who was the president the last time the warriors won in the alamo? the countdown tip-off is at hand! the smnt minute is coming up! tonight is your last chance to fill out your bracket!
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game againist the spurs in n antonio, bill clinton was ie oval office... that's 28 ho- ver golden state the last time the warriors won a game against the spurs in san antonio, bill clinton was in the oval office! mark jackson ran into the latest version of daniel boon there. duncan, 25 points, 13 rebounds. 104-93 the final there. have you heard about this lebron streak? the heat came from 27 points down to beat the jazz! they won 24 straight! prepping for the opening round match-up against ulv. they could have a 3rd round match-up tomorrow against montana where mike montgomery began his career. >> i can't tell yout


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